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Herrington Park with Herrington Pride

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Today we went for a walk at Herrington Park with some of our friends.  We met up with Rydal, Socks, Saxon, Inca, Uno and Bren.  Rydal's posh name is Herrington Pride and he'd never been to Herrington Park before.  We had a great walk round the paths and sploshing in the puddles.  We were a bit disappointed as some of our friends couldn't come - Flint hasn't been well recently so he couldn't come.  He is my bestest friend and I've known him since he was a little puppy and I was bigger than him! Jessica couldn't come either as her mum had to stay at home.  Saxon and Inca are like another friend of ours, Finlay, but Saxon is much bigger.  When I stand next to him he looks so tall, but I'm not scared of him, just get a shock every now and then when he is next to me.  I really wanted to run round and play with my friends but mum wouldn't let me off lead.  I wasn't going to be deterred by this though and kept trying to get Rydal and Uno to play with me.  Uno tried to join in and we were play bowing and prancing around but we still didn't get let off lead - maybe next time.

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