Talking Dogs Rally

Talking Dogs Rally is fun and no matter what level you and your dog may be at it’s easy to get involved and start training and competing. If you have heard about TD Rally but have not tried it, or if you are just starting out, these are the workshops  for you! Rally involves you and your dog working as a team to navigate a course with numbered signs indicating different exercises to perform; think of it as a sort of ‘obedience exercise obstacle course’ including a range of fun and challenging exercises.

  • These fun sessions will introduce you to the sport of TD Rally and teach you the basics of some of the many exercises. Taught in a relaxed atmosphere, you will learn how to negotiate a TD Rally course, following the numbers, reading the station signs and helping your dog through each exercise.  To find out more about TD Rally go to 
  • We have limited places for dogs that are friendly and sociable with both people and other dogs