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To book onto any of our courses or workshops please complete our booking enquiry form below (Scroll to the bottom of this page). This is for both face to face and online courses/workshops.

Prior to completing the form please read through our terms & conditions and Privacy Policy.

We will then contact you to confirm availability and suitability and to provide payment details.

Booking and payments

Any bookings will be classed as provisional, and only held for five working days, until the full payment due for the course is received. Payment details will be provided once availability and suitability have been confirmed.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation with less than 7 days notice - full fee payable.

Your dog

  • Proof of vaccination, in the form of the dog’s up to date vaccination certificate, MUST be shown at your first training class. These yearly vaccinations must cover Hepatitis, Distemper, Leptospirosis, and Parvovirus.
  • Any bitch that is in season is not allowed to attend any training sessions until the season is finished.
  • Each customer is responsible for their dog at all times. Ruff Diamond Dog Training accepts no responsibility for any injury or damages to any animal, person or property while participating in any session or whilst on site.
  • Each customer must clean up after their dog both inside the hall and on the street outside
  • Aggressive dogs will not be allowed in classes
  • No mis-handling or physical abuse of dogs will be condoned.
  • Handling
  • No choke chains (Also referred to as check chains) are allowed.
  • All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times
  • Flat, non slip footwear must be worn
  • No handler under the age of 16 years will be allowed to participate in any training session unless accompanied by a responsible adult.


Covid-19 Terms and Conditions (For face to face classes)

  • Maximum two people per dog,
  • NO contact between people/dogs from different households
  • Social distancing (2m) must be maintained at all times. The hall will be clearly marked out and you MUST stay within your allocated area
  • At the start of each class, people will enter one at a time and I will direct you to your station
  • At the end of the class you will be directed to leave one at a time
  • Social distancing (2m) must also be maintained in the car park when arriving and leaving. This also includes your dogs - they must NOT interact with each other
  • If your dog is likely to need a drink of water during the class please bring your own bowl and water
  • I have allowed a 10 minute gap between classes, this is so you can arrive/leave before the next class. This will also allow me time to clean between classes as I will have to wipe down all touch points.
  • If you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 please do not come to class

Please note if you are unable to adhere to these measures you will be asked to leave the class and no refunds will be issued.


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