junior dog training course

The junior course follows on from our puppy and starters course building on the foundations we have developed to apply the exercises to real life situations. For example being able to tell your dog to leave a dropped piece of food, asking your dog to stay whilst you tie your shoe lace and to have your dog remain calm and settled whilst you are enjoying a cuppa at a dog friendly café.

By the end of the course we are aiming for the following:

Lead work - Walk on a loose lead up and down the hall

Stay - 30 second stay within one step of you and five steps away for five seconds

Recall - Come away from the distraction of food

Follow Me Game – dog should constantly try and keep up with the handler

Control at door - Walk calmly/controlled through the door

Health Check - Stand calmly whilst checked all over by handler

Leave - Leave a treat dropped from 10cm for three seconds and leave a treat on a flat hand for three seconds

Controlled Greeting - Say hello without jumping up

Positions - All three positions (Sit, down and stand) on just a hand signal                 

Hand Target - Follow a hand target and touch it


Our June junior courses are now fully booked. Get in touch if you'd like to be added to our waiting list should we get any cancellations or for future courses.