lockdown laughs

Introducing 'Lockdown Laughs' - a fun course to teach your dog some tricks to keep you and them entertained during this difficult time. Training is mentally tiring and a tired dog is a happy dog and a happy owner:).

We all like to show off our clever dogs, so the course will teach 7 tricks (Plus a bonus one) so by the end of the course you'll have a weeks worth of themed tricks (A trick per day) to share by video or photo with your friends and family.

  • Oh no it’s Monday
  • Tongue out Tuesday
  • Weigh in Wednesday
  • Tidy up Thursday
  • Creeping into the weekend
  • Selfie Saturday
  • Sleepy Sunday

Rab in a box!

When tidying your toys away doesn't quite go to plan, but is lots of fun anyway.

Teaching tongue out Tuesday