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Hi, we're Phin and Rab and this is our blog.  We'll keep you up to date with everything that's going on in our lives - including the things that 'mum' would never tell you!

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  1. Mum was late home from class last night - thought she was never coming back.  Then we found out she'd been talking to Auntie Julia (Boy can those two talk!!!).  Good news though, Auntie Julia had been baking and had made us some fishy fishes - yum, yum, yum.  Mum rations them and we only get one at a time, but it means they last a long time, so can't complain.

  2. The strangest thing happened today.... mum got some hot dog sausages out of the fridge and was about to cut them up into those ridiculously small pieces that she uses for training.  Next thing I knew one WHOLE sausage was on the floor, so I quicly picked it up.  At that point, mum noticed too and told me to 'drop' and without thinking about it, I did drop it.  I mean, what was I thinking, I had an entire hot dog sausage in my mouth and as soon I was told to drop it I did.  I did get a bit of it as a reward, but I think this training is brain washing me!!!