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Hi, we're Phin and Rab and this is our blog.  We'll keep you up to date with everything that's going on in our lives - including the things that 'mum' would never tell you!

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  1. Got quite excited this evening when mum got some new packages out - that normally means something good.  That wasn't to be the case this time.  It turns out they were bandages even though I hadn't hurt myself and neither had Rab.  The next thing I knew mum was bandaging Rab's leg up - he lay there quite quietly although he did try and eat the soft bandage!  Soon he had a bandaged leg and didn't know what to do.  Mum took it off and told him that he was very good.

    At least I'd escape the first aid practice, or so I thought.  Next thing I knew my head was bandaged up - not a good look at all!! 

    I guess if anything does happen mum knows what to do, but I have a bad feeling this won't be the only time she practices!

    Poorly paw    Sore ear

  2. I went away this weekend - it was very exciting, but a little bit daunting at times, I've never spent that much time away from my bro before.  Me and mum went down to see Auntie Lynda in Lancashire (I love Auntie Lynda).  We met up at the Three Sisters - it's great there and I saw my friends plus met three new friends and their mum.  A couple of hours was spent running round and sniffing, then to the pond.  The others were swimming and chasing toys - I really wanted to go in and was barking with excitement, but to be honest I just wasn't sure about it.  Then Auntie Lynda picked me up and held me above the water - I was ready for it and was kicking my legs in anticipation of going into the water, but when I got into the water I was a little unsure, so swam to the side, but I did swim.  Next time I'll try and go in by myself.

    We stayed overnight and then on Sunday it was a full day of training which is great and to make it even better my friend Bren came down too.  He's a Springer Spaniel and I've known him since I was only 9 weeks old.  I love doing training, although I wasn't totally feeling myself - think I might have eaten too many treats!!!!  At one point we did a recall down 'temptation alley' - there were toys and treats all over the floor and we had to recall past them all - I almost did it but then a little bit of cheese caught my attention and I couldn't resist!  The second time we tried it I came flying when mum called me - she seemed very pleased. 

    After a full day of training Bren and Auntie Julia went home, but we stayed a bit longer to do an assessment.  I was still feeling a bit unwell and mum didn't know if I'd be able to do it but Auntie Lynda had confidence in me and persuaded mum to stay and give it a go.  I'm glad she did because I passed my Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award - I knew I could do it and mum was very happy.  After such an exciting day we then had a three hour journey home.  I'd had a great weekend but I was very happy to see Phin and dad and they were pleased to see me too.