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Walking the Dog Wednesday

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We love 'Walking the Dog' days.  On these days Karen comes and picks us up and takes us out in her van which is soooo exciting.  We never know where we are going to go, but always know that we will have great fun and today was no exception.  Not only do we get to go out with Karen but also with lots of dog friends - it's just brill!  Just look at the pic - you can tell how much fun I'm having, I can't stop smiling!  If you look at the second photo I'm racing back to Karen when she called me as I know I'll get a treat for being a good boy.  If you look really carefully you can see Rab in the background chatting with our friends.

Happy Phin    Wait for Me

I found this great pond, so went splodging - it came all the way up to my shoulders (I'm only small!!) - Karen said I smelt a bit afterwards, but I don't care I had a great time.

Can't wait till we next see Karen and all our four legged friends.

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