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'Poorly' paw and ear

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Got quite excited this evening when mum got some new packages out - that normally means something good.  That wasn't to be the case this time.  It turns out they were bandages even though I hadn't hurt myself and neither had Rab.  The next thing I knew mum was bandaging Rab's leg up - he lay there quite quietly although he did try and eat the soft bandage!  Soon he had a bandaged leg and didn't know what to do.  Mum took it off and told him that he was very good.

At least I'd escape the first aid practice, or so I thought.  Next thing I knew my head was bandaged up - not a good look at all!! 

I guess if anything does happen mum knows what to do, but I have a bad feeling this won't be the only time she practices!

Poorly paw    Sore ear

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