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Get Fit Time!!

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Phin and mum sometimes go out jogging, but I've never been allowed before as I wasn't old enough.  That all changed this week and I went on my first jog with them - I was so excited.  For the first ten seconds I set off at full speed and was beating them both, but then I realised it wasn't a race, so just trotted alongside mum.  We only went out on a short jog (Just over a mile), but it was great.  Mum says I have to build up my stamina gradually - personally I don't know what she's talking about - I could of kept on going for much longer and it was her that looked tired - bright red is not a good look!!!!  Today we went out again - a little bit further this time 1.5 miles, but it was still really easy. 

Had another fun filled walk with Walking the Dog this week - I keep making more and more friends.  Mitta is a springer spaniel and she runs so fast - I tried to keep up with her, but just couldn't.  Maybe next time after I've done a bit more fitness training!

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