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Hi, we're Phin and Rab and this is our blog.  We'll keep you up to date with everything that's going on in our lives - including the things that 'mum' would never tell you!

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On Saturday evening mum gave us our weekly hand strip - she likes to keep our coats short.  This time it seemed to go on for ever and she was being very precise.  She did miss a couple of bits but I wasn't going to tell her as I was getting a bit bored of standing still by then!!  It turns out the extra grooming was because we were going to a photo shoot on Sunday - really not my idea of fun - look at the camera, 'smile'... So, it was a very pleasant surprise when we arrived at The Rising Sun Country Park on Sunday morning.  When we got there we met Martin from Framing Cats and Dog and his wife Jo (Jessica's mum).  This was our kind of photo shoot - we just had to go for a walk, run round a bit, sniff (My favourite past time) and play with a ball (My favourite past time!) whilst Martin snapped away.  The photos are now on Framing Cats and Dogs facebook page and although we may be a little bit biased we think they are brilliant and mum is very very pleased with them.  We would definitely recommend you get in touch with Martin to book  your photo shoot.

The rest of our week has been quite busy too.  Mum is back into get fit mode (These phases seem to come and go!!), so we went jogging on Tuesday and Thursday.  Mum seems to worry that she is going too far for us (3.8 miles on Tuesday and 4 miles on Thursday) but really she should look in a mirror - she is the one we should be worried about!!  When we get back Phin and I always go for a game of chase round the garden.  Then mid week we saw 'Auntie Karen' from Walking the Dog - we love our walks with Karen and this one was no different.  It was a lovely warm day but Karen made sure we had plenty of water and found this great big muddy puddle that we could play around in - bliss!  The middle of this puddle was quite deep and I'm only little so I was almost submerged trying to find my tennis ball, but don't worry I got it back. Can you spot me in the picture?

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